Privacy Policy

Prime Recruitment Consultants promise to keep the personal information you submit confidential. This statement outlines how we gather and use information on our site.

Contacting you

When you submit information about yourself we ask you to supply an e-mail address or home phone number so that we can contact you at a later date. We will not contact you at your workplace unless you provide a work phone number and work e-mail address. For complete privacy, please provide your personal e-mail address and only access it at home.

Being put forward

Once put forward by us, you must tell any other consultant that you can not be represented by them for the same job otherwise you create a conflict situation which would be to your disadvantage.

Contact with the prospective employer

In your best interests we ask that you do not attempt to make direct contact with the prospective employer as this is unethical and will destroy the relationship you have built up. All communication must be through the consultant until you are placed in a position. Do not negotiate rates during a client interview either. As your consultant, we endeavour to get the best package for both you and your future employer.

Privacy Guarantee

Prime Recruitment Consultants will never send the information you submit to another person or company without your express permission. We will always ask your permission first before we send your details to any employer.