Why Choose Prime Recruitment

1. Excellent Job Matching

Neale Thomson has over 40 years experience in the shipping, freight and logistics industry and will find the right job to match your current knowledge and skills.

When a job offers come in, Prime Recruitment plays a major part of the negotiating process, ensuring that you as the candidate not only gets the role you want, but also the full package that you deserve; salary, benefits, share options, etc. Neale Thomson of Prime Recruitment is an expert in his field and knows what works best in each situation.

2. A Head Start

As a recruitment agency we also act as a career adviser, and a guide in matters such as salary expectations, promotional opportunities and the companies to watch out for in the shipping, freight and logistics sector.

We give our candidates information on the prospective company, the job specification and any other relevant details to prepare you for an interview.

As your consultant we can give you an assessment of your interview techniques. In doing this you will pick up tips along the way that will assist you the next time you job search.

Feel free to ask for advice on writing your CV, we can tailor it to suit your goals and make it as practical as possible.

3. Friendly Approach

We ensure a more personal touch, this in turn means you will get good advice and be recommended for the most interesting positions.

4. Your Privacy of utmost importance

We do not disclose information from your CV to anyone without your permission eliminating the opportunity for nuisance calls.